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Common Services
The following is a starter list of the services that Pets At Home offers to our clients. These tasks are in no way the only ones available and additional requests are always welcomed and will be discussed between a Pets At Home staffer, the client, and the client's veterinarian to determine if it is a service we are able to provide. For questions regarding fees associated with these services, please inquire with a Pets At Home staffer.
1. Subcutaneous fluid administration
     - $20-25/visit, discounts for long-term packages
     -Initial support packages available also
2. Diabetic pet care:
     -insulin injections - $10-15/injection (monthly twice daily visits $500)
     -home glucose checks and/or curves - $200/12 hour curve
     -initial diagnosis support packages - $500 for 2 weeks support
3. Pets with feeding tubes
     -initial home support packages  
     -midday feedings - $20-25/visit
     -tube maintenance, medication and/or food preparations
4. Bandage changes
5. Wound care
6. Physical therapy
7. Bladder expression
8. Medication administration, including eye medications
9. Nail Trims - $20, $10 if in conjunction with another service
10. Anal gland expression -$20, $10 if in conjuction with another service
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